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Yes it is true.  There comes a time when you have to acknowledge the outstanding abilities of another.  The person I 100% endorse is lifelong friend and fellow Firearms Instructor, J Michael McKirahan of Mindsight Firearms Training.  Mindsight Firearms Training is located near the Twin Cities of Minnesota.  J. Michael McKirahan puts together a great hand to hand defense and Firearms Training program.  The programs offered by Mindsight Training are so great, that Gideon Protective Services and Mindsight Training are teaming up and creating our own joint pilot program.  Why, you might ask?  Here are words of wisdom by J. Michael McKirahan of why it is you should train:

“Why is it important to train and prepare for a situation we pray will never happen?  Having a firearm for personal protection is the right of every American and what we do with that right is up to the individual.  Some of us, depending on which state we live, chose to carry our firearm on our person or we chose to have a firearm in our residence to protect our families.  In either case, having a firearm gives us the ability to change the course of events in a situation in which we feel our life or the life of another is threatened.  The split second decision to protect your life or the life of another can come with lifelong consequences.  How do you train?  Shooting skills are tangible and will deteriorate with lack of practice and repetition.  We have a responsibility to our families and/or other people around us to maintain a very high level of training. Imagine saving the life of a family member or fellow American, because you have prepared and trained your body and mind for the worst possible scenario.  Now imagine reacting to a situation you have never thought of, or trained for…. Now you are on trial for murder, or in a civil court battle trying not to lose everything you have worked for in your life.  There are only three outcomes of a deadly force situation. 

1. You respond by engaging your training and using the tools and skills you have built for a positive outcome. 

2. You do nothing and live with whatever the result of someone else’s actions.

3. You respond without thought, never having trained or prepared your mind for such an event.”

What kind of gun owner are you?  Watch the video below and you will see what a responsible gun owner with proper mindset is like.  Refuse to be a victim!

Those of us at Gideon Protective Services could not be happier having someone of this caliber in our ranks.  The training program Gideon Protective Services and Mindsight Training are going to unveil will focus on Church Security and it will be released in the near future.   You can count on “top shelf” hand to hand, knife, firearms, and mental awareness training program that can be applied to everyone and can be include in all aspects of your daily lives. 

If you have any questions about Bodyguards, Executive Protection, Dignitary Protection, Security Consulting, Armored Vehicle, Safe Rooms, or Firearms Training for you, your superiors, your company, or someone you know, feel free to call or email Gideon Protective Services for a free, confidential consultation.  See what Gideon can do for you.  Check us out at http://www.executive-protection-services.com or our blog at http://www.executive-protection-services.net.

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If you’re enrolled in an Executive Protection Program and you need firearms training then look no further.  Gideon Protective Services offers Pistol 1.5 defensive shooting course specifically tailored for Executive Protection.  (The course is also offered to coincide at the same time frame as Joe LaSorsa’s 3-Day Executive Protection class).  If you are getting into the executive protection field and you are new to firearms or you already know how to shoot, and you want to clean up your shot and tighten your group/ pattern, then let Gideon’s NRA and California DOJ certified instructors teach you the three secrets to shooting.

After attending Pistol 1.5 for two days you will know what the secrets are and why they are important.  You will be able to present your pistol from concealment rapidly, deliver well placed shots, clear all malfunctions, perform tactical and emergency reloads, shoot on the move, shoot from behind barricades, and from non-traditional positions.  (This is a partial list.  Click on the firearms training link on the bottom of this page to learn more) Learn the techniques that are proven to work should you ever decide to shoot in a lethal force encounter while protecting your client.  It’s all fine and dandy to own and carry weapons for a living, but what good are your weapons if you go by the old adage of point and shoot and hope for the best.  Your client is paying for a trained professional and expects more from you.  You owe it to yourself and your client to make “good hits”.  You’re responsible ethically and morally for every round you fire.  So doesn’t it make sense to receive some firearms training that will make you more proficient, competent, and less of a liability should you decide to shoot?  The answer is Yes!  The price for the two day Pistol 1.5 course is $450.  Visit the firearms training link to take advantage of the “bring a friend special”.

If you want to learn how to shoot and operate your weapon system to better protect you and your client, if you have any questions, or to check for availability, do not hesitate to call Gideon Protective Services at 888.305.6513 or email us at info@gideonprotectiveservices.com.  To see what else Gideon can do for you, check us out at http://www.executive-protection-services.com/content/firearms_training.html or our blog at http://www.executive-protection-services.net/firearms-training/.

*If you’re enrolled in Joe LaSorsa’s Executive Protection program please tell us Joe sent you.