Self Defense Training (Denver area)


Combatives Self Defense Training-

Combatives is a self defense training class and style that is fast paced, real world focused, with combat proven techniques. An emphasis is placed on survivability and lethality. Students will learn basic fundamental principals that allow you to control your battle space. No more “if this then that”, but rather learn how to read and react as well as dictate the flow of an engagement while being taught simple drills you’ll be able to take home with you that does not  require expensive gear or space to rehearse and hone your skills.

Some of the basic to advance skills you will learn in Combatives self defense training are:

• Basic fundamentals of Striking
• Basic fundamentals of Grappling
• Understanding an under hook and it’s relevance
• Hips and leverage
• Basic throws and simple takedowns
• Creating and taking space and it’s importance to the fight
• Introduction of a weapon to the fight
• Controlling an opponents weapon
• Simple chokes to render an opponent unconscious
• Understanding breaking vs. pain and how adrenaline overcomes the latter.

Self Defense training is one of the most necessary but often oversold skill sets on the market today. Flashy signs and bold claims about defeating any opponent unharmed are seen but what is the real truth about Self Defense?

Self Defense begins with mental conditioning. Are you prepared to fight? Are you situationally aware? This doesn’t mean walking around fearful of everyone or always being keyed up and prepared. It means taking a few simple steps to be aware of your surroundings and those around you. When put in a position to defend yourself are you ready to treat every situation as a life or death struggle? The most common mistake most people make when attacked is to assume their attacker means them no harm and simply wants physical property. This is a myth pushed by Hollywood and the political pundits and and their ilk.  However as modeled by John Locke in his “Social Contract Theory” you have zero idea of your attackers intent when they assault you. If you are prepared to treat every attack as a life or death struggle then you are prepared to defend yourself.

Once the mental aspect of a fight has been prepared the physical aspect can begin, there is no one technique that can be taught to help you win a fight. However to make you effective and confident you will be taught a series of defense techniques giving you essentially a series of “tools for your toolbox”. Covering a broad spectrum of leverage, spacing, striking, and employing of simple weapons you will be prepared to defend yourself from any threat.

The key to any self defense technique learned is “Can I practice this at home?”. The answer with Combatives is a definitive YES!  What you don’t practice you will lose, like a knife you don’t sharpen it will become dull. You will learn simple drills to be able to maintain what you have been taught and instilled with the will to not only survive but to win and win definitively.

Combatives self defense training classes are offered in all skill levels, from beginner to skilled. Individual drill as well as Squad/Team Classes are offered; please contact us to help us find which best suits you!