Oct 212010

Have you ever thought about the fact crime happens all the time, all around us, whether were at work, at home, traveling in a vehicle, or even on vacation.  What would you do if the unthinkable happened at your place of employment?  Has your current employer taken the necessary steps to ensure all of its employees are safe?  Most people from all walks of life and most businesses have the mindset “it will never happen to me”.
The auto parts giant AutoZone has taken a proactive step to implement a security plan for all of its employees, regardless of location, rank, or status in the company.  AutoZone has identified survival rooms and emergency teams for an active shooter program in case violence comes to visit them while at work.  AutoZone didn’t want to have an active shooter program for managers, an active shooter for senior managers, an active shooter program for other ranks and files.  We wanted it to be universal and something that could be applied and shared with everyone.  The company also wanted to personalize the training and provide its employees with information they could use at work as well as in their personal life.  Doing so meant changing the mindset of personnel and getting them to constantly prepare for an incident at any moment.  A big part of this is playing “the what if” game.  “Where you’re sitting right now, what if you heard shots fired down the hallway?”  AutoZone encourages employees to always know where the nearest exit is as well as secondary and tertiary exits.
The company has also trained its employees about “survival rooms” in the building.  These are rooms that can be locked from the inside and have no windows.  The company stores medical supplies, food and water in these rooms. “This is for people who have to evacuate, but can’t get out of the building. They can get into a survival room and barricade themselves in there.”
AutoZone has also trained employees about what to do should an incident occur. “Don’t expect law enforcement to be there to rescue you.  You are on your own.  They’ll be there probably when it’s over.”
What do you do when you’re at home?  The same came be applied.  Play the “what if” game.  Change your mindset. Apply the fight or flight concept.  If you can’t escape your residence and need to “hold up,” what about the concept of a “survival room” or “safe room?”  Safe Rooms aren’t just for the wealthy and influential anymore.  People across the board, including some corporations, are recognizing we live in uncertain times and we must better prepare ourselves for our own self defense until the professionals arrive.  We all know the Police cannot be everywhere all the time.
A safe room can be as basic as a closet or an ordinary room in your residence or place of business, all the way to a self contained fortified room complete with its own electrical source, water, food, surveillance/ counter surveillance equipment, medical supplies, extra cell phone, and even weapons to defend you and your loved ones.  The Safe Rooms can also be built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Check out two examples of Safe Rooms down below.

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