Jan 282010

Are you and your client prepared in case you’re attacked while in your vehicle in-between business meetings, vacation traveling, or just regular commuting?  Acts of violence, specifically kidnappings, are on the rise.  We see in the news almost every night the violence that is taking place outside of our borders.  But it does take place inside our borders as well.  It is not as common here in the States, but it’s only a matter of time until the frequency of kidnappings and other criminal acts increases.  People of wealth and stature are afraid it might happen to them due to the economic woes of the USA.  The criminal element is becoming bolder and more brazen in their attacks and schemes.  This has caused an increase in production and manufacturing for companies like Texas Armoring Company in Texas.  Just watch and listen.

Armoring of any vehicle is available to all walks of life that have high exposure levels and feel the need for protection, but don’t want to pay for Executive Protection.  But those Executive Protection Agents that protect clients every day, and do not have access to armored vehicles, should recommend armoring a vehicle for their client.  Think about it.  When are you most vulnerable?  During transit in-between any function your client may have.  When your client is at the office, home, or favorite vacation spot, you can “lock them down”.  But when you’re out on the road, anything is possible.  From an optimistic point of view, if you’re attacked while in transit, it can also be an advantage to be on the road.  If you anticipate a possible vehicle assault, you’re already mobile and hopefully have planned your escape routes and you can get away safely.  Armoring your vehicle will also aid, and possibly ensure, you and your clients get away safely and avoid any unwanted public exposure or embarrassing issues.  Special James Bond type accessories can also be added to your Armored Vehicle.  Armoring vehicles is the latest trend in personal protection, and Texas Armoring Company is leading the charge.

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