Security Consulting


The Following  Security Consulting Services are Available:

Investigations/ Backgrounds/ Skip Tracing
ICS of Colorado employs investigators who have come from private, local and federal law enforcement agencies.  Our investigators can conduct simple to lengthy investigations.  Investigating is the process of inquiring into a matter through research, follow-up, study, or formal procedure of discovery.  If your not sure about an employee, family member, or other acquaintance, a background check can be performed.  A background may include criminal and work history.  Skip Tracing is a term used to describe the process of locating a person’s whereabouts for any number of purposes.  Our investigators can perform surveillance and counter surveillance tactics.

Site Survey/ Security Assessment/ Security Survey
Refers to identification and evaluation of exploitable vulnerabilities, risks, and exposures from internal or external sources which may exist or could exist pertaining to a site, organization and or its assets or a person.  A survey is also conducted on an existing security system and security measures that are already in place.

Risk Analysis/ Security Vulnerability/ Consulting
A detailed examination is performed to understand the nature of unwanted negative consequences to human life, health, property, or the environment.  It is an analytical process to provide information regarding undesirable events.

Surveillance/ Counter Surveillance/ Security Systems
These methods and systems are used to detect any offensive threats or potential dangers that are planned by any hostile individual or group.  Security systems are typically closed circuit systems which utilize the latest in digital and analog technologies.  The security footage may be viewed by a security monitoring company, on site at the video recording station, or on the internet with a private and secure web address.

TSCM- Technical Security Counter Measures (Bug sweeping)
The art of locating hidden, and sometimes in plain view, electronic listening devices. Some of our highly trained specialists can perform “detective sweeps” of your home, office, vacation destination, or vehicle.  A physical and audio sweep is conducted.  As part of a very comprehensive security package this asset protecting procedure can offer peace of mind that no one is listening in on important conversations.

Armored Vehicles/ Safe Rooms
For those clients that desire the ultimate in protection, while traveling on the road or in their residence, an armored vehicle or safe room is an option that is available.  Certain high risk environments such as overseas require the luxury and peace of mind of an armored vehicle for safe transportation.  Almost any vehicle can be customized to include the latest in armor technology.  Safe rooms are an increasing trend among low and high profile individuals.  Clients typically desire a safe room for themselves and their family members at their place of residence as part of an escape and evasion plan.