Nov 192015

Private Investigation cameras1. Service of Process-In the State of Colorado PI’s are allowed to conduct service of process services to enhance their overall services to attorney and law firm clients. Often time’s people that are associated in different types of litigation will avoid or conceal themselves in an attempt to avoid being served. PI firms may have to perform a locate service and maybe even surveillance to locate the subject and then serve them. If your PI firm offers all these services it helps with operational efficiencies and the attorney and law firm will most often than not get better pricing for collective services rather than just one.

2. Background Investigations- PI firms conduct very lengthy and comprehensive background checks. PI firms background investigations collect a tremendous amount of information that far exceeds your traditional single service internet background investigation companies. Single service background companies have limited services where as PI firms have a greater reach with the most current information and data, especially if they are founded in acceptable law enforcement type best practices. If your PI firm has a national reach, their resources that are available to you are greatly compounded. The PI firm can then use its own people in other states and have “boots on the ground” instead of calling around for a good rate from a sub contractor they might not know or trust.

Case Ex: ICS conducts several backgrounds for private persons, businesses, and corporations. We obtain information formally and informally using open source and other means. If enough information is discovered, we can also evaluate the behaviors of a subject.

3. Locate Service/ Skip Trace- Locating people who take off, hide or “skip” is a basic service that most PI firms offer. A locate service is part background check and part Records search. It may also involve conducting interviews to get further leads where the subject may be.

Case Ex: We had a skip trace and service of process that started in Ft. Collins. It eventually the  case led us to the Detroit Michigan area. After the subject was located, his vehicle also was ultimately repossessed.

4. Records Search – One of the three most basic skills in the PI arsenal. Obtaining information is key to any case. The amount of information is endless in a good record search.

Case Ex: We were trying to locate a marriage license in another State. Our local office in that area went to the county records office and located not only the marriage license record, but a divorce record and information that the subject had two children that he was hiding from so he didn’t have to pay child support.

5. Surveillance (Custody issues, Marital)- The second skill in the PI arsenal. Surveillance issues come up all the time. Sometimes it’s the only way to really find the answers and truth. Preserving the “visual” evidence on film or by still photograph speaks volumes and con prove or discredit someone’s actions or statement.

Case Ex: We have done surveillance for child custody issues, marital disputes, repossessions, insurance fraud, and counter surveillance for private persons and businesses.

6. Fraud-It seems intentionally trying to trick someone or be deceptive in all walks of life is very prevalent. Fraud can be found in criminal and civil matters when dealing with money and valuable transactions.

7. Bank Searches- If you have been awarded a judgment or lien or suspect someone is concealing money that is part or wholly yours, PI firms can conduct Bank Search domestically and offshore. This information can then be given to an attorney or law firm to subpoena the bank records and start the proceedings to obtain what is owed.

Case Ex: During a separation/ divorce, one spouse emptied their joint bank account and hid the funds. During the proceedings the spouse said there was no money. The other spouse was awarded a certain monetary figure. ICS was hired to find the hidden money. The money was ultimately located in the Cayman Islands. The account and bank were discovered and this info given to the attorney. Ultimately the bank records were subpoenaed and the amount of money owed was seized.

8. Asset Searches-Similar to a bank search and records search, this service looks for property owned by a subject.

PI firms conduct theses services all day long when working cases for locate or marital issues.

9. Cell Phone and Computer Forensics- A good PI firm will have forensic experts working for them in their own computer lab or know a lab to contract too. The technical world of computer forensics changes so rapidly that this finer skill is a must have in today’s technology driven world.

Case Ex: One of our clients was going through an ugly custody and divorce battle. During the one of the hearings, the other side presented an altered recording to make our client look foolish. Our client sent us the audio recording for a forensic. The recording was said to come from an I-phone. I-phones record in a certain format. So our lab investigator was suspect when the audio recording was completely different. The “original” phone had a forensic conducted on it. The formats were completely different. Also during the forensic, even though the recording was erased from the phone, the original recording was located deep in the hardware of the I-phone. Guess who won that court case?

10. Interviews-The third most basic skill a PI needs to have is interviewing. This type of training is usually best accomplished by former law enforcement personnel. If you can’t talk to people and illicit information from them then you’re in the wrong business. A PI must be able to communicate effectively and put the pieces of the pie together. This is greatly achieved by interviewing suspects, victims, and witnesses on a regular basis.

Case Ex: ICS conducted several interviews to discover a deceased spouse’s secret life that was discovered after he died. Most of this case would not have been successful if it wasn’t for successful communication with the parties involved.

11. Workers Comp-PI firms conduct Work Comp Investigations. This includes a thorough interview of injured parties and witnesses of about 100 questions. It will also involve surveillance if fraud is suspected or to “check up” on subjects who claim to be incapacitated and are caught doing activities that they said under affidavit that they could not complete.