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Private Investigation cameras1. Service of Process-In the State of Colorado PI’s are allowed to conduct service of process services to enhance their overall services to attorney and law firm clients. Often time’s people that are associated in different types of litigation will avoid or conceal themselves in an attempt to avoid being served. PI firms may have to perform a locate service and maybe even surveillance to locate the subject and then serve them. If your PI firm offers all these services it helps with operational efficiencies and the attorney and law firm will most often than not get better pricing for collective services rather than just one.

2. Background Investigations- PI firms conduct very lengthy and comprehensive background checks. PI firms background investigations collect a tremendous amount of information that far exceeds your traditional single service internet background investigation companies. Single service background companies have limited services where as PI firms have a greater reach with the most current information and data, especially if they are founded in acceptable law enforcement type best practices. If your PI firm has a national reach, their resources that are available to you are greatly compounded. The PI firm can then use its own people in other states and have “boots on the ground” instead of calling around for a good rate from a sub contractor they might not know or trust.

Case Ex: ICS conducts several backgrounds for private persons, businesses, and corporations. We obtain information formally and informally using open source and other means. If enough information is discovered, we can also evaluate the behaviors of a subject.

3. Locate Service/ Skip Trace- Locating people who take off, hide or “skip” is a basic service that most PI firms offer. A locate service is part background check and part Records search. It may also involve conducting interviews to get further leads where the subject may be.

Case Ex: We had a skip trace and service of process that started in Ft. Collins. It eventually the  case led us to the Detroit Michigan area. After the subject was located, his vehicle also was ultimately repossessed.

4. Records Search – One of the three most basic skills in the PI arsenal. Obtaining information is key to any case. The amount of information is endless in a good record search.

Case Ex: We were trying to locate a marriage license in another State. Our local office in that area went to the county records office and located not only the marriage license record, but a divorce record and information that the subject had two children that he was hiding from so he didn’t have to pay child support.

5. Surveillance (Custody issues, Marital)- The second skill in the PI arsenal. Surveillance issues come up all the time. Sometimes it’s the only way to really find the answers and truth. Preserving the “visual” evidence on film or by still photograph speaks volumes and con prove or discredit someone’s actions or statement.

Case Ex: We have done surveillance for child custody issues, marital disputes, repossessions, insurance fraud, and counter surveillance for private persons and businesses.

6. Fraud-It seems intentionally trying to trick someone or be deceptive in all walks of life is very prevalent. Fraud can be found in criminal and civil matters when dealing with money and valuable transactions.

7. Bank Searches- If you have been awarded a judgment or lien or suspect someone is concealing money that is part or wholly yours, PI firms can conduct Bank Search domestically and offshore. This information can then be given to an attorney or law firm to subpoena the bank records and start the proceedings to obtain what is owed.

Case Ex: During a separation/ divorce, one spouse emptied their joint bank account and hid the funds. During the proceedings the spouse said there was no money. The other spouse was awarded a certain monetary figure. ICS was hired to find the hidden money. The money was ultimately located in the Cayman Islands. The account and bank were discovered and this info given to the attorney. Ultimately the bank records were subpoenaed and the amount of money owed was seized.

8. Asset Searches-Similar to a bank search and records search, this service looks for property owned by a subject.

PI firms conduct theses services all day long when working cases for locate or marital issues.

9. Cell Phone and Computer Forensics- A good PI firm will have forensic experts working for them in their own computer lab or know a lab to contract too. The technical world of computer forensics changes so rapidly that this finer skill is a must have in today’s technology driven world.

Case Ex: One of our clients was going through an ugly custody and divorce battle. During the one of the hearings, the other side presented an altered recording to make our client look foolish. Our client sent us the audio recording for a forensic. The recording was said to come from an I-phone. I-phones record in a certain format. So our lab investigator was suspect when the audio recording was completely different. The “original” phone had a forensic conducted on it. The formats were completely different. Also during the forensic, even though the recording was erased from the phone, the original recording was located deep in the hardware of the I-phone. Guess who won that court case?

10. Interviews-The third most basic skill a PI needs to have is interviewing. This type of training is usually best accomplished by former law enforcement personnel. If you can’t talk to people and illicit information from them then you’re in the wrong business. A PI must be able to communicate effectively and put the pieces of the pie together. This is greatly achieved by interviewing suspects, victims, and witnesses on a regular basis.

Case Ex: ICS conducted several interviews to discover a deceased spouse’s secret life that was discovered after he died. Most of this case would not have been successful if it wasn’t for successful communication with the parties involved.

11. Workers Comp-PI firms conduct Work Comp Investigations. This includes a thorough interview of injured parties and witnesses of about 100 questions. It will also involve surveillance if fraud is suspected or to “check up” on subjects who claim to be incapacitated and are caught doing activities that they said under affidavit that they could not complete.

Sep 012012

It’s been over a month now since the murderous rampage that took place on that sad  Friday night at the Century Movie Theater in Aurora Colorado.  After sitting back and watching the news media hacks, pundits, and so called politicians debate the events of that fateful night and turn this tragedy into a self-serving political hotbed, I feel I must weigh in on the subject.

First off my prayers and condolences go out to the victim’s families and to those heroes in the movie theater of the Aurora Shooting that made the ultimate sacrifice by giving up their lives for the ones they loved by shielding them as the cowardly murderer known as James Holmes easily picked off defenseless movie goers.  My thankfulness also goes out to the Aurora Police Dept.  They were able to quickly locate and identify the shooter and take him into custody between 1-2 minutes based on several media reports.  But think about this, without taking away from the great job of APD, how many people died during that time frame?  The Police cannot be everywhere all the time.

During the aftermath of this horrible event, and before the dust evened settled, folks were positioning themselves for their own selfish desires somehow coming to the conclusion that firearms are the problem and the murderer must be a Tea party member because one news media hack found the same common name as the murderer on a list of Tea Partiers.  Funny thing is as soon as one story I heard leaked that the murderer might be a registered Democrat that argument went away.

The murderer James Holmes was a psycho path.  He was well educated and bought the weapons and bomb making materials legally.  John Holmes was not some right wing, uneducated, NRA member that the media hacks would have you believe.

James Holmes committed these atrocious crimes, not the guns or bombs, someone has to pull the trigger or make the bombs and this murderer made that conscious choice.  As our society continues to decline in morals and rule of law, we keep seeing these active shooter type scenarios play out all over America.  And every time there is a crime in this nature, all the opinionated clowns who think they know best demonize guns and self-defense.  Why?  Most common law abiding Americans don’t have around the clock armed private security and bodyguards that these “opinion leaders” have.  Their reality is not our reality.  What is wrong with self-defense of any kind?

As a former Law Enforcement Officer, a CA POST Certified Firearms Instructor for my agency at the time, a Glock Instructor, a Denver Private Investigator, and owner of International Counterintelligence Services of Colorado, I can’t help but think that a trained able bodied person in the movie theater (law enforcement or civilian) could have made a difference.  There is a lot to evaluate as to tactics and strategy, but if you weren’t initially shot at could you have recognized that this was a shooter, drew your legally concealed handgun, edged weapon, or used your mind and body, could the attack have been stopped?  The answer is yes!

The media likes to play up the cowardly role and say do nothing is best, but that is wrong.  This great nation of ours would never have been founded if that was our mindset.  Our society now breeds laziness and cowardice attitudes.  We are unfortunately reaping what we sow.  If our society continues to decline, refuse to recognize there is a serious moral issue in this country that is causing people to ”snap”, then we are going to keep seeing these types of chaotic deadly scenes continue.  What will your response be when your caught up in a deadly situation?  Will you do nothing and hope you’re not killed or assaulted waiting for the Police, or will you stand in the gap in hopes of trying to make a difference?

The point is this; taking guns or any weapons away from law abiding, trained people is not going to stop mad men from wreaking havoc when they can’t keep it together.  You cannot castrate our ability to defend ourselves.  If you don’t want to defend yourself, that’s fine, just get out of the way for those of us who do.

Grant Linhart is the President and owner of International Counterintelligence Services of Colorado, otherwise known as ICS of Colorado, LLC.  ICS of Colorado provides a wide range of private investigator services throughout the State of Colorado.  Some of the services ICS of Colorado, LLC provides are, but are not limited to;

  • Surveillance Operations
  • Background Investigations
  • Locate Services
  • Civil & Criminal Investigations
  • Attorney and Lawyer Firms Legal Services
  • Bank Searches
  • Asset Searches
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Child Custody Support Investigations

If you are  in need of any private investigation services, call ICS of Colorado for a discreet and confidential, no charge consultation at 800.828.9198.

Why Does a Church Need a Security Team?

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Sep 122011

Reprinted with permission by Mars Hill Church on Thursday, May 5th, 2011 12:00 pm

by Nate Finn

“Why does a church need a security team??” That question is mostly asked incredulously when people visit one of our campuses and see a team of usually large guys wearing polo shirts in the lobby, the children’s ministry, and the sanctuary.

Security within our church can be a misunderstood concept. Many people believe that security does not belong in the church. On the one hand, there are people who say it unnecessarily heightens a perception of threat, and on the other, people say it means we’re not trusting in the sovereignty of God (to protect his church). We also recognize there are people who are simply opposed to our church and the gospel of Jesus. As Pastor Mark said in the 2007 sermon, “Pain and Progress,” from the Nehemiah sermon series, “Not everybody in Seattle has the same agenda as we do. Our goal is to read the Bible and love Jesus. … That’s not the most popular agenda in Seattle.” We get that, and the fact that people might oppose us is not what worries us. But here’s what we’re very committed to: people should be able to come to a Mars Hill Church service and worship in peace.

“If you are saying to yourself, ‘Aren’t they exaggerating this whole thing? I didn’t see or hear of anything,’ it is because our security teams are doing a fantastic job.”

Ultimately, the goal of the security teams is to protect the integrity of the service and how people are receiving the Word that’s being preached. Listening to a sermon can be a big experience—the Holy Spirit can be speaking to someone—and if there’s a disturbance, that moment can be broken.

Like the Israelites in Nehemiah’s day, we not only have the right to worship the God of the Bible but we have the obligation to provide a safe environment to those who want to attend Mars Hill and worship God freely. The First Amendment grants us the right to peaceably assemble, after all. (And, yes, it grants that right to those who’d oppose us to peaceably assemble and voice that opposition as well, and that’s fine, though as a private organization, we have the right to not permit that to happen on our property.)

The same people who opposed the Israelites are the same kind of people we experience today. However, the men and women you see with the security shirts are not there to intimidate but to protect the body from those trying to disrupt or cause harm. And yes, serious crimes do happen on church properties across the nation and they aren’t just petty crimes. Pastors have been killed and churches have been vandalized, robbed, and burnt to the ground. This information is not being used as a scare tactic. We just don’t want to be naïve and not be cognizant of what happens every week.

That said, our campuses experience vandalism, burglary, and theft as often as once a week. On Sundays, we keep watch on the premises, mostly in an effort to deter any potential threats by being proactive not just reactive. If you are saying to yourself, “Aren’t they exaggerating this whole thing? I didn’t see or hear of anything,” it is because our security teams are doing a fantastic job mitigating threats we see regularly throughout the year.

Children’s Ministry

One of our biggest priorities on Sundays is to keep our kids safe while they learn about Jesus each week. Similarly, we want parents to be able to learn about Jesus while they sit in the service, and part of this is that they need to be able to trust in the children’s ministry when they drop their kids off and know the kids will be safe and protected during that time.

There are, on average, five to six threats to the children’s ministries at our Mars Hill campuses per year. Security team members are present throughout the children’s ministry for two reasons. One reason is to mitigate serious threats, and the other is for accountability of our children’s ministry volunteers.

Lobbies and sanctuary

In addition, security team members keep watch in the lobbies and sanctuary. Ever wonder why there are two security team members who sit at the front of the sanctuaries while Pastor Mark preaches? Because several years ago, a man charged the stage with a large knife while Pastor Mark was preaching. In general, there is a higher potential of threats when the sermon topic is on spiritual warfare. There have been subsequent threats, and sometimes the threats vary by campus location and service time.


And lastly, at the Downtown Seattle and Ballard campuses, you will see uniformed Seattle police officers at the services. These officers are on duty and paid, though the shifts they work at the church are ones for which they’ve volunteered to take overtime hours, so they’re not being taken out of the normal police rotation to be stationed at our campuses. The strategy behind the uniformed police officer is primarily as a deterrent, but it’s also so that we can have more of an immediate response if there were an actual incident.

Guards along the wall

God called Nehemiah to build a wall and now God has called Mars Hill to build cities within the cities. God told Nehemiah to place guards along the wall to protect his people and the work, and we must place guards within our walls to protect God’s people and the work of sharing the Gospel. In order to provide the proper safety and security for our campuses, we need men who are able-bodied, have a heart to protect our children and families, and a desire to step up and volunteer a portion of their time to the Security Ministry. This ministry not only provides a valuable service to the church, but also is an opportunity for spiritual growth and community building for people who share common interests.

“But when Sanballat and Tobiah and the Arabs and the Ammonites and the Ashdodites heard that the repairing of the walls of Jerusalem was going forward and that the breaches were beginning to be closed, they were very angry. And they all plotted together to come and fight against Jerusalem and to cause confusion in it. And we prayed to our God and set a guard as a protection against them day and night.”

Nehemiah 4:7–9

“Opposition only comes to those who are doing something. There are many people out there who live their life without being criticized or attacked because they spend their time lying on the couch with their finger up their nose not doing anything. There is no reason to oppose such people. So if you are doing something, expect opposition and be encouraged because you are doing something.”

Nate Finn is the executive assistant to Pastor Dave Bruskas and a member of the Ballard campus.

If you need assistance in developing and implementing a church security ministry team or need security team enhancements, then contact Gideon Protective Services, Inc. to learn more about our Church Security Seminars or full Secure Church training program.  Call 888.305.6513 Ext. #3 or email

Jan 122011

On 8 January 2011, Jared Lee Loughner reportedly shot U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords in the head during her constituent meeting outside a Safeway grocery store in Tucson, Arizona. Loughner, using a Glock Model 19 9mm handgun with extended magazine, allegedly shot 18 additional individuals, resulting in six dead, including Federal Judge John Roll, and 12 wounded.  Loughner was captured and arrested at the scene.  Giffords apparently did not have a Security Director on her staff and rarely used any security or police assistance for that matter even though she has had credible threats and acts of violence towards her in the past.  Why?  On 9 January, the U.S. Department of Justice filed a federal complaint charging Loughner with three counts of attempted murder and two counts of murdering federal employees.

This incident bears many similarities to previous lone offender attacks and highlights the challenging threat posed by such individuals as they operate independently and maintain few trusted associations-making them difficult to detect, monitor, and disrupt.  The following are recent active shooter examples:

1. On 1 September 2010, a male suspect—possibly motivated by a violent form of environmental extremism and armed with a potentially functional improvised explosive device attached to his body, a replica weapon, and a starter pistol took hostages at the Silver Spring, Maryland headquarters building of the Discovery Channel and threatened to open fire.  The standoff ended when he was killed by law enforcement.

2. On 4 March 2010, a gunman shot two Pentagon police officers at a security checkpoint at the Pentagon entrance. Pentagon officers returned fire and disabled the gunman, who later died of his injuries.  The gunman’s motives remain unclear.

3. On 18 February 2010, a man flew a single-engine aircraft into the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offices in an Austin, Texas office building, killing himself and one IRS employee.  He allegedly targeted the offices as revenge for personal financial hardships he attributed to the IRS.

4. On 10 June 2009, an 88 year-old male with white supremacist sympathies opened fire with a rifle at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., killing a security guard.  The attacker, who was wounded by return fire and arrested on the scene, died on 6 January 2010 prior to the conclusion of his trial.

Active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly.  Typically, the immediate deployment of law enforcement is required to stop the shooting and mitigate harm to victims.  The following measures are recommended to mitigate the impact of an active shooter incident on facilities.

1. Designate at least two evacuation routes and post routes in conspicuous locations.

2. Develop and exercise security and emergency action plans that include policies and procedures for dealing with active shooters.

3. Integrate local law enforcement, emergency responders, SWAT teams, K-9 teams, and bomb squads and first responders into training exercises.

4. When possible, establish random security patrols to disrupt potential surveillance efforts.

5. Install closed circuit television cameras accessible to law enforcement.

6. Train personnel on proper procedures relating to the identification and reporting of suspicious activities.  While no single activity is an indicator of pre-operational attack planning, the combination of various activities-such as individuals loitering in sensitive areas for no apparent reason, unusual sketching, and pace counting-could be deemed suspicious in light of other available information.

7. If circumstances prevent safe evacuation, move away from the danger and find shelter in a pre-designated area of refuge or an area with a window to allow rescue.  If possible, victims should make every attempt to notify rescuers of their location.

8. If victims are unable to evacuate, they should take all available actions to seek secure cover, such as locking doors and/or hiding in an area that provides maximum protection.

All of us live in a dangerous world that is only getting more dangerous and violent.  If you are someone who is in the public eye or speak out about controversial issues, you are more susceptible to acts of violence toward you and others around you.  Whether you want to admit it or not, high profile activities automatically put a target on your back.  Society has proven time and time again that there are “wackjobs” amongst us.  Not everyone is going to like what you have to say about the issue you are speaking about.  Unfortunately, left wingers and right wingers see their only course of action is to cause harm and bring peril to your doorstep.

What will you do when the wolf knocks on your door?  Allow yourself to become a victim or casualty?  Turn and ignore the wolf and hope it leaves you alone?  Fight the wolf off by any means necessary?  If you’re not strong enough to fight the wolf off, what about utilizing a sheepdog to protect you?  Why all the reference to wolves and sheepdogs?  The wolf is a predator.  The sheepdogs are those folks who will take a stand against the evil that continually haunts us and plagues our society that normal and decent human beings want to be a part of no matter what your cause is.

It is terrible what happened to U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords and those around her at the time of the attack. My heart grieves for all those involved.  Could this tragedy have been prevented?  The answer is yes! Hiring a Security Consultant, Executive Protection Specialist, Security Director, or some other Security Professional could have made a world of difference.  Threats and other random acts of violence that is committed toward an individual or group needs to be taken seriously and validated by completing a comprehensive Threat Assessment.  Hiring a Security Director to facilitate the security of all public and private events, including travel route and destination planning etc. is a critical must.  Any security service that is needed can be contracted with a quality security firm or you can provide the services in-house by hiring your own security personnel.  We must take a proactive stand and be strategic in protecting ourselves.  We must move away from the frame of mind that says “that will never happen to me.”  Every day that old adage is proven not to be true.

Gideon Protective Services, Inc. is here ready to assist you in all your security related solutions.  We are a full service Security Firm featuring Executive Protection, Dignitary Protection, Security Consulting, Church Security Training and Protection, Firearms Training, Uniformed Security Guards, and a wide array of other related Security Consulting Services.  Call us anytime at 888-305-6513 for a free confidential consultation to discuss your security needs.  You can also email us directly at  We can also be reached on the web at and to learn more about the professionals at Gideon. Whatever you do, learn from the tragedies that have taken place and be proactive in protecting yourself and those around you.

Dec 062010

Shopping centers by nature present a unique challenge to security personnel, as they allow for open and unrestricted public access.  Holiday periods and other special events can be particularly challenging as shopping centers experience a greater influx of people in their facilities.  The following are key common vulnerabilities of shopping centers that could be exploited by terrorists or other adversaries:

• Unrestricted public access at most entry points does not allow for screening of individuals and their goods
• A large number of individuals coming and going allows for suspicious behavior to go unnoticed
• Multiple locations to place explosives (trash containers, planters, counters, etc.)
• Many people entering and exiting are carrying packages, making it difficult to identify potential hazards
• Vehicles routinely stop in front of entrances to pick up passengers or make deliveries so it is difficult for security to identify when surveillance of the property is being conducted
• Limited employee background checks fail to screen for potential adversaries
• Limited security force with limited training reduces the facility’s security posture and response in the event of an incident

A successful, or even unsuccessful, attack would have consequences well beyond the target facility and could result in:

• Many casualties and structural damage
• Activation of emergency services, such as law enforcement, fire, and rescue, taxing available resources in the community/region
• Jobs and businesses being lost, affecting mall owners and insurance companies
• A reduction in consumer spending and tourism if individuals do not feel safe in public venues

Security personnel are the first line of defense for a facility in the event of an attack or plotted attack. However, security officers are generally trained to handle and detect property crimes and crimes against the individual, not how to prevent and respond to terrorist-related incidents. Incorporating this type of terrorism-related training is just one protective measure that malls can take. Incident planning and preparation is also vital.

Some options for consideration are:

• Establish security procedures and a threat alert system, including a go-to person or telephone number for mall tenants to report suspicious activity
• Establish terrorism training programs for security staff
• Maintain an open line of communication with local law enforcement
• Know the delivery vehicles and staff who are routinely on the property
• Install security cameras around the property and facility
• Inform tenants and local law enforcement if there is concern about a special event that is to be held at the mall
• Maintain close liaison with tenants who might be logical terrorist targets
• Watch for people and actions that are out of place
• Make note of suspicious statements, people, items, and/or vehicles
• Eliminate any information from shopping center websites that may provide security information to

Any suspicious activity should be reported to local law enforcement immediately.

If you have any questions about any of our services, such as Private Security Guards/ Patrol Services, Bodyguards, Executive Protection, Dignitary Protection, Church Security Training, Security Consulting, Armored Vehicles, Safe Rooms, or Firearms Training for you, your superiors, your company, your church, or someone you know, feel free to call or email Gideon Protective Services, Inc. for a free, confidential consultation. You can find us on the web. See all that Gideon can offer you.