Jan 122010

Do you want to learn how to shoot your pistol and shotgun that you just bought and both are probably still lying next to your bed? Are you getting into the security field or law enforcement and want to learn how to shoot? Are you a Law -Abiding citizen concerned about your safety and that of your loved ones?  Do you already know how to shoot, but want to clean up your shot and tighten your group/ pattern?

Let Gideon’s NRA and California DOJ certified instructors teach you the three secrets to shooting. After two days you will know what the secrets are and why they are important. You will learn the four universal firearm safety rules and be able to present your pistol from concealment rapidly, deliver well placed shots, clear all malfunctions, and perform tactical and emergency reloads. Learn the techniques that are proven to work should you ever decide to shoot in a lethal force encounter. It’s all fine and dandy to own weapons, but what good are your weapons if you go by the old adage of point and shoot and hope for the best. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to make “good hits”. You’re responsible for every round you fire. So doesn’t it make sense to receive some firearms training that will make you more proficient, competent, and less of a liability should you decide to shoot?

With Gideon’s NRA and California DOJ certified instructors we keep our classes capped off to ten students. Smaller class sizes insure we can conduct a more personable shooting experience and give each of our students the time they deserve and require. A two day Pistol 1.0, Pistol 2.0, Shotgun 1.0, and Rifle 1.0 course normally costs $550. But due to the current economic woes, we are having an ”O-nomics depression price reduction sale”. The price of a 2 day course is only $400, a fraction of what your first weapon costs.  We believe a one day course is not sufficient time to build confidence in your gun handling or to gain a lasting muscle memory foundation. 

The reward for taking a 2 day course (besides honing great gun handling and marksmanship skills) is every student that brings a friend each member in that group will receive $50 off their cost of the course.  Example: I sign up for a Pistol 1.0 course and 2 of my friends or family do the same; all three of us would pay $350 each for the 2 day course instead of $400 each, that’s $150 savings.  If you have a private group of shooters and you want to have a private 2 day course all to yourselves on either a weekend or mid-week, call to reserve a private training session for your group or select one of the dates listed and we’ll make it happen.

Some of the techniques and nuggets you will learn are not limited to:

  • Four universal gun safety rules
  • Rapid presentation and stance
  • The 3 shooting secrets
  • After action drills
  • Clearance of three major malfunctions to keep your weapon running
  • Emergency and tactical reloads
  • After action drills
  • Moral and ethical decision making used during lethal force encounters
  • Law of the land for where you reside

Gideon Protective Services will offer our courses on the weekends just like our competitors.  But we realize there is a demand for people who work weekends and want a mid-week course.  Go to http://executive-protection-services.com/content/firearms_training.html.  for our training calendar.

*Note- Confirmed students will receive a map and location to the outdoor ranges.  We are a local Southern California operation and we have locations in the Chino Hills, Lake Elsinore, and Pala areas.

If you want to learn how to shoot and operate your weapon system for a whole host of reasons and if you have any questions or to check for availability do not hesitate to call Gideon Protective Services at 888.305.6513 or email us at info@gideonprotectiveservices.com  To see what else Gideon can do for you, check us out at http://www.executive-protection-services.com or our blog at http://www.executive-protection-services.net.