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Do you want to learn how to shoot your pistol, shotgun, and rifle that you just bought and both are probably still lying next to your bed?  Are you getting into the security field or law enforcement and want to learn how to shoot?  Are you a Law -Abiding citizen concerned about your safety and that of your loved ones and you want to get your concealed carry handgun permit (CCW)?  Do you already know how to shoot, but want to clean up your shot and tighten your group/ pattern?  Let our NRA (and other various law enforcement and military) instructors teach you the three secrets to shooting.  After 1-2 days you will know what the secrets are and why they are important.  You will also learn the following blocks of instruction but are not limited to:

  • the four universal firearm safety rules
  • be able to present your pistol rapidly (and from concealment)
  • deliver well placed shots
  • clear all malfunctions
  • perform tactical and emergency reloads
  • learn strategy and team tactics
  • shooting on the move
  • shooting from behind simulated barricades and other concealment implements

And much, much more…


Learn the techniques that are proven to work should you ever decide to shoot in a lethal force encounter.  It’s all fine and dandy to own weapons, but what good are your weapons if you go by the old adage of point and shoot and hope for the best.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to make “good hits”.  You’re responsible for every round you fire.  So doesn’t it make sense to receive some firearms training that will make you more proficient, competent, and less of a liability should you decide to shoot?

With our NRA (and various law enforcement & military certified instructors) we keep our classes capped off to ten students. Smaller class sizes insure we can conduct a more personable shooting experience and give each of our students the time they deserve and require.  Call today for pricing.  Due to the current economic woes, we are having an ”O-nomics depression/ terrorism on the rise special”.  Bring a friend with you and receive 10% off.  Bring your own group of friends for team tactics and receive 20% off.  ICS will fully customize any firearms training course to meet your needs as a group or you can enroll in our standard CCW and regular firearms courses.

If you have a private group of shooters and you want to have a private 2 day course all to yourselves on either a weekend or mid-week, call to reserve a private training session for your group or select one of the dates listed and we’ll make it happen.

Some of the techniques and nuggets in the training courses you will learn but are not limited to:

  • Four universal gun safety rules
  • Rapid presentation and stance
  • The 3 shooting secrets
  • After action drills
  • Timed and stressed shooting drills
  • Clearance of three major malfunctions to keep your weapon running
  • Emergency and tactical reloads
  • After action drills
  • Moral and ethical decision making used during lethal force encounters
  • Law of the land for where you reside

Students will need to supply themselves with the following list of items for the Pistol class:

  • Handgun (Semi-Auto or Revolver)
  • 400 rounds of ammunition in your chosen pistol caliber.
  • At least 2-3 magazines for semi-auto students and two speed reloads for Revolver students
  • Holster (no thigh-rigs for this particular class-Sorry)
  • Double magazine or speed reload holster
  • Eye and ear protection (preferably sunglasses)
  • Hat and safety glasses
  • Holster (thigh-rigs are accepted in this course)
  • Tactical light and holster
  • Concealment garment
  • Knee and elbow pads (not required but recommended)
  • Water and snacks to last the entire day (there will be an extended lunch break)

Students will need to supply themselves with the following list of items for the Shotgun class:

  • Tactical Shotgun (Pump or Semi-Auto)
  • 100 rounds of Slug
  • 200 rounds of Double OT Buck (OO)
  • 300 rounds of birdshot
  • Shell carrier, side saddle, or butt cuff  for extra shotgun shells
  • Tactical sling
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Hat and safety glasses
  • Water and snacks to last the entire day (there will be an extended lunch break)

Students will need to supply themselves with the following list of items for the Rifle Course:

  • Rifle
  • 300 rounds chambered in your caliber
  • Magazine/ Stripper clips etc.
  • Ammunition pouches, etc.
  • Sling
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Hat and safety glasses
  • Knee and elbow pads
  • Water and snacks to last the entire day (there will be an extended lunch break)

*Note- Confirmed students will receive a map and location to the outdoor ranges.  We are a local Colorado operation and we train at private instructor berms that meet NRA regulations.  We also offer Firearms Training for Executive Protection students in the Denver Colorado Metro area.

ICS of Colorado Protective Services will offer our courses on the weekends just like our competitors.  But we realize there is a demand for people who work weekends and want a mid-week course. 

Call us to check availability.

Private lessons are available upon request.  Call or email for availability and pricing.

If you want to learn how to shoot and operate your weapon system for a whole host of reasons and if you have any questions or to check for availability do not hesitate to call ICS of Colorado at 800-828-9198, 303-797-6789, or

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