Services and Capabilities


ICS of Colorado is a comprehensive investigations and security provider of proven methods, tactics, and strategies to the Colorado State Government (DYC), Federal Government, business, and civilian clientele. Our core services are organized in four major areas: Apprehension of Fugitives with adjudicated felony warrants, investigations in support of criminal and civil matters, Security Guards/ Protective Detail, and training (firearms and personal self-defense).

As a Small Business/ Small Disadvantaged Small Business (SB/ SDB), 8(a) pending, ICS of Colorado is committed to integrity, creative solutions, and quality for our clients across every business sector.

What sets ICS of Colorado apart from the competition?
-Our Personnel (Team Philosophy)
-Law Enforcement Based Processes and Methodologies
-Experience, Reliability, and Expertise
-Client Relationship

Our investigators & protection professionals gather intelligence, investigate, and create solutions in the following areas of:
-Fugitive Recovery and Transport
-Protective Operations for Physical Assets and Principals
-Insurance Fraud, Theft, and Due Diligence
-Personal Protection and Self-Defense


Available upon request of full Capability Statement

Detailed Services for Government and Select Clientele 

Protective Operations: Physical Assets and Principals

Security Guards (Static Posts and Patrol)

Dignitary Protection

Intel Gathering/ Threat Assessments

Perimeter Security

Infrastructure Protection

Vulnerability Assessments

Access Control

Close in Protection


Defensive Measures

Surveillance and Monitoring

Emergency Management

Security Consulting

Apprehension Services & Secure Transport of Fugitives

Intel gathering of the fugitive, background info

Interviews of family and friends to learn the whereabouts

Social Media Investigations

On site Surveillance

Coordinating arrest with local law enforcement

Secure Transport

Insurance Fraud, Theft, and Due Diligence (Civil and Criminal)

Background Investigations

Locate Investigations

Witness Interviews/ Statement Gathering

Hidden Asset Investigations

Personal Protection/ Self Defense Training

Security Consulting

Firearms (Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle)

Empty Hand Defense (Army Combatives)

Active Shooter Training

Child Custody

Social Media Investigations

Traffic Collisions/ Follow up Investigations

Business Due Diligence

Workers’ Compensation

Surveillance Operations


561611 Investigation Services

561612 Security Guards and Patrol Services

561990 All Other Support Services

611519 Training-Firearms/ Law Enforcement

611699 All Other Misc. Instruction-Self-Defense

524291 Claims Adjusting-Insurance Fraud

524298 Insurance Investigations

713990 Amusement & Recreation Services (Firing Range Services)