Dec 042009

On December 2, 2009 Julia Corker, the 22-year-old daughter of U.S. Sen. Bob Corker,  walked away  after being carjacked Wednesday night by a man asking for directions.  Julia corker was in D.C traveling to her family’s apartment when someone approached her while she was driving and asked for directions.  When Julia stopped to offer assistance, an unknown male subject jumped into the passenger seat.  Julia was forced out of her vehicle and onto the ground.  The two suspects drove away in Julia’s vehicle.  Julia thankfully was not hurt.

I believe this whole tragedy could have been avoided if U.S Senator Corker would have hired an Executive Protection firm to guide and protect his family.  First off, hiring an Executive Protection firm comes with more than just close-in physical protection (Bodyguard).  A properly trained EP firm and its associates should teach several security related items such as what criminals look for in their victims.  For instance, common rouses to guard against and also having or acquiring the proper mindset should be addressed.  Besides dealing with a general criminal element that affects all walks of life, being the daughter of a U.S Senator makes Julia a higher exposed target for not just criminals, but terrorists and political detractors.  (The proper mindset is called the Color Code of Mental Awareness and this topic will be addressed in a later blog).  Depending on the high level of exposure that U.S Senator Corker currently has, he might want to entertain the idea of placing a small security detail with each member of his family.  If Julia would have had an armed driver escort at the very least, none of this would have happened.  The unwanted press and embarrassment that is associated with this headline would also have been avoided. 

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