Oct 302009

If you’re thinking of getting into Executive Protection or Bodyguard work, and you want to know what training to attend.  I know of only one school that offers a firm foundation for the beginner and a great refresher for the seasoned professional.  And in this economy you want the most bang for your buck.  I attended, graduated, and recommend J.A LaSorsa & Associates.   I did a lot of homework and research on which schools to attend and why.  What is the benefit of each etc?  I understand there is a huge difference between the public/ govt. sector and the private sector.  There are many transferable skill sets, but there is a huge difference.

 LaSorsa hit on this topic right up front.  Joe identified this field is not for everyone.  I took copious amounts of notes and really paid attention.  But beware, as always, there were some clowns in the class who chose not to take it serious.  They thought they were going to walk out and the end of the week and have a kick ass E.P. job.  That’s not how it works.  I heeded all the advice and knowledge that Joe expressed in class.  There is a lot to learn in this business, and it constantly changes.  The downturn in the economy hasn’t helped matters.  To be successful, you must take it serious, or no one will take you serious.  Anyways, during the class we conducted three details in the nearby City.  It was very worthwhile.  We applied everything we learned and hit the streets.  It was as real as it could be, just short of freaking people out when we hit the Starbucks and people were wondering who our Protectee was.   (You had to be there to understand).

Joe’s program covered a lot of information in a short amount of time.  His class didn’t have all the fluff that other schools have.  I didn’t want to pay for cocktails parties, I wanted the meat.  If you don’t want fluff, and want just the nuts and bolts, then I highly recommend J.A. LaSorsa & Assoc.  I prefer a no fluff atmosphere.  It’s a great introduction to establish a concrete foundation to build upon.  This career and life is a never ending learning process.  There is always more to learn and build upon.  I believe Joe will help you start that process.

I have enjoyed many training sessions over the years.  I find Joe LaSorsa & Associates does fit the bill.  Do your homework, make phone calls etc.  You can usually tell when someone is legit and professional.  Joe is very approachable and professional.  I  believe if you attend a class like Joe LaSorsa’s, take some kick ass driving course, firearms classes (I recommend Front Sight), get CPR and EMT Certified, get some kind of education so you can talk and put a sentence together, you will be off to a great start.  At all these training facilities, you will meet people and start the networking process.   That alone is invaluable.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of quality  Executive Protection Schools out there.  Choose wisely and carefully.  Get the most for your money and for what you hope to accomplish.  On a personal note, and like I said before, I heeded everything Joe stated in his class.  Remember this nugget.  The USSS sets the standard of Executive Protection in my opinion.  Joe retired from the USSS.  What type of training do you think he will give to his students?  It’s a no brainer.  By the way, there just happens to be an Executive Protection course by Joe LaSorsa coming up in November in California.  Check it out for all the details at http://www.lasorsa.com.

If I can be of any assistance to anyone don’t hesitate to call or email.