Dec 032009

In the news of late is story after story about the “White House Party Crashers”.  If you missed it two “wannabee” celebrities pulled a fast one on the Secret Service and were admitted to a private White House dinner function.  This was a high level security breach of the President of the United States.  Even though nothing of any consequence happened, all of us in the security field are reminded that you always have to bring your “A” game.  Mistakes can happen, but at the same time mistakes cannot happen. 

This is why you hire Executive Protection Professionals.  In this particular case it was the U.S Secret Service that let in the two “pretenders” when they were not on an approved list.  I cannot arm chair quarter back why it happened.  I am sure there is incredible stress put on the agents about getting people into the secured area quickly and efficiently, as not to prolong the process or cause embarrassment to anyone.  Unfortunately, this mishap was embarrassing for the USSS and the White House staff.  As an Executive Protection Professional you must at all times follow policy and procedures to ensure all safety concerns are addressed and there are no shortcuts taken, even if it means standing up to your boss in the name of their safety and taking a few extra moments to ensure all safety protocols are followed. 

The job of an Executive Protection Professional is not only to protect their client from harm and ensure they get from point A to point B with no interruptions (incident avoidance), the Executive Protection Professional is also charged with protecting their client from embarrassing mishaps, much like the White House snafu.  This is a call and reminder to all in the industry to be ever vigilant in their duties in respect to their client.  Being the USSS sets the standard in Executive Protection, I believe this mishap is short lived and will never happen again.

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