Mar 112010

The following was a story taken from KBIA in MO.

Bill Proposes Allowing Weapons In Church  Garrett Bergquist (2010-02-22)

COLUMBIA, MO (KBIA) – A bill has been introduced in the Missouri House of Representatives that would allow concealed-carry permit holders to bring their weapons into churches. Current state law prohibits firearms inside churches.  Representative Cynthia Davis sponsored the bill. She says it addresses the problem of church shootings.

“We need a way, if people feel like they need to have like an usher protect the congregation, there’s no reason that we should say they can’t. Under the current law, until we fix it, it would prohibit security guards from being in a church. “Davis says her aim is to remove this regulatory power over churches.  Her bill, House Bill 1232, would allow individual churches to decide whether to permit concealed weapons.  But not everyone agrees. Ladd Everitt is the Director of Communications for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. He says current concealed-carry background checks are too lax.  Everitt says this bill would bring mixed results.

“Do we want to continue to arm individuals and allow them to carry handguns in public, individuals who are clearly deranged, and who we should expect to do violence eventually, and then also arm their potential victims, and hope that at the end of the shootouts that occur, if the victim has a chance to fire back, that the quote-unquote good guy is left standing. “Everitt says it would be better for each state to perform more rigorous background checks on concealed-carry applicants.

The bill has yet to be assigned to a committee. No hearings are scheduled at this point. © Copyright 2010, KBIA

Apparently if you listen to Mr. Everitt he is implying self defense is not allowed in places of worship.  And if you are armed then you are “clearly deranged”.  You have to be kidding me right?  Reference his quote from above the answer is YES!  Of course we want the quote un-quote good guy left standing.  That is the point of self defense.  How can anyone act so cowardly as to want anything else but the good guy left standing.  Maybe he likes being a sheep and hoping the wolf will pass him by, but I for one will not let that happen.  Self defense is a right and it doesn’t matter whether your in church or not, period!  Churches need to protect their people and there is nothing wrong with good, hardworking, decent people arming themselves incase violence visits them at church or any other place for that matter.  I guess you can wait the standard 5-10 minute response time for the overworked Law Enforcement community to respond.  How long does it take a dirtbag to shoot and kill people anyway Mr. Everitt?  Let me tell you the answer-Less time than it takes the Police to get there.  If you want to be a sheepdog and not a lap dog, then get some training and protect yourself and those around you, including Mr. Everitt.

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