Jun 302010

This will be the 32nd violent attack this year (2010) which this time took place in a Christian Church in Oklahoma.  A violent assault and rape was committed at Britton Baptist Church on one of its own church employees.  The victim went to open the church on a Tuesday morning and was attacked by an occasional (part time) employee who worked at the church in the past. 


Thankfully the suspect was apprehended by Law Enforcement.  I don’t know about you, but this irritates me.  A church, which is supposed to be a safe place, has a brutal attack on one of its own, by one of its own.  It should make you think twice about hiring employees and volunteers.  A Background Investigation must be conducted on everyone working in and around the Church, or any other business entity for that matter.  The suspect in this case was a known Felon.  I can understand that the Pastor wanted to help the suspect out be enabling him to work in a way to rebuild his work ethic and to possibly become a contributing member of society.  But let’s be real, the recidivism rate of Felons and Paroles is 65%- 85% conservatively.  If you’re going to hire a Felon to “help him out”, they must be supervised at all times, and never left alone with women or children.  This should not be allowed or tolerated.  Felons have to regain the trust of the community.  Felons must not be left alone, period! 

Security measures must be put in place from open to close, 7 days a week, including church missions and special outings.  My heart goes out to the victim.  This tragedy could have been prevented with proper security awareness training.  Teaching and learning security awareness training can go far.  Learning what to look for and what the proper response can save lives.  However, awareness training alone is not the only answer.  It must be part of a comprehensive security strategy.  Other security related items to consider would be surveillance equipment, changing the opening, closing, and day to day procedures, Verbal Judo, and some simple hand to hand self defense techniques to aid in an escape.  I know some will say that is paranoia and we do need to militarize churches.  I agree we do not need to militarize churches, but some security measures need to be put in place.  We continue to see the horrible results when we do nothing.  Do you want to be a victim?  Everyone should inquire as to their churches security plan (if they have one).  If they don’t, urge your Pastors/ Priests to engage a Security Consultant to implement some security measures and possibly a security team.

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