Certified Level IV Army Combatives Instructor


Sam Bailey Level 1-4 Army Combatives Certified (Combatives Master Trainer)

Sam Bailey has been working as a Combatives Instructor since 2008 where his assignment as the Post Master Trainer for Fort Knox saw him creating programs to train Basic Training Soldiers in the first steps in learning the Army’s hand to hand program; Conducting certification classes for the Army Level 1 and Level 2 Combatives courses; training athletes to compete at a high level in the Army’s prestigious All Army Combatives Tournament; and running open classes for family and individual Soldiers on basic self defense, basic striking, and basic grappling.

Sam Bailey was hand selected to create and develop the Combatives program for the Afghan Special Forces working side by side with the Special Operations Advisory Group, Sam developed an easy to learn and implemented program based off those Soldiers skill sets and needs, this program was time and again proven effective in the direct fire of hand to hand combat by the Afghan Special Forces with their enemy. While on the ground Sam also served as the Combatives trainer for 9 Green Beret teams as they rotated through deployment cycles.

Instructing Kimura (afghanistan)