Nov 032009

Ryan Seacrest’s Bodyguard fulfilled his duty!

When Chidi Benjamin Uzomah Jr. was sentenced for assault, battery, and possession of a switchblade knife on September 18, 2009 for his derailed attack on Celebrity Ryan Seacrest, hopefully he will think twice before trying that again, especially when there is a trained Bodyguard on duty.  Bodyguards and Executive Protection professionals everywhere should feel a since of pride knowing that one of their own did his job and protected his client, Ryan Seacrest.  Granted, I am not excited that Ryan Seacrest’s Bodyguard was injured during the altercation, but sometimes that is the risk we take when getting into the Personal Protection line of work.  Not only did Ryan Seacrest’s Personal Bodyguard protect Mr. Seacrest and get him to safety, he also was able to apprehend the Stalker and hand him over to Police, and along the way preserve the image of his client.  Another small nugget is that this happened in California and Ryan Seacrest’s Bodyguard wasn’t ridiculed by the media.  He acted within the boundaries of the law and he did what he had to do.  (Neither Ryan Seacrest nor his Bodyguard required medical attention after the altercation).

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