Nov 042009

Paris Hilton is in the news again having to re-live the burglary that occurred at her personal residence nearly one year ago. Paris Hilton’s residence is located in a private, gated community in Hollywood Hills. Per LAPD there had been a rash of burglaries that occurred at night and on weekends at other celebrity homes in the area.  Rumor had it that a door was left unlocked at Hilton’s home.  Paris’s sister Nicky Hilton remains in disbelief that such a crime even took place. Her sister, she says, “lives in a gated community with supposed state of the art security”. 

This just proves that state of the art anything isn’t worth the money you spend unless it is installed correctly, monitored, and tailored to an overall security plan.  Crime and all of its variations can come at anytime and anywhere.  Good neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods are not immune from the long tentacles of crime.  I believe if Miss Hilton and other Celebrities like her with high exposure issues would have retained the services of an Executive Protection Specialist, this whole incident could have been avoided.  When you hire a professional Security Consulting & Executive Protection Firm, you will receive a complete evaluation, overhaul, and implementation of new or upgraded security measures. 

Even though you may have a state of the art security system, is it monitored?  Is it connected to a private I.P address for instant real time data collection?  Is there ample space for recording a lot of data over long periods of time?  Are the security cameras analog or digital?  Is there sufficient security camera coverage that records vital information for the Police and Investigators in case something does occur?  Are your travel routes and plans consulted by a Security Consultant to lessen your exposure issues?  Do you have armed and trained Executive Protection Specialists to guide you when you go in public?  Is there an Executive Protection Professional who conducts personalized Threat Assessments to help ensure the safety of you and your loved ones?  All these issues and more need to be addressed.  Crime is on the rise everywhere.  Kidnappings are also on the rise.  Do you have a plan in place for such an unthinkable event?  The higher the exposure issues, the higher the risk for all involved around you.  Do not become a crime statistic.  I wish Paris Hilton would have had a plan in place so that she would not have had to endure such a traumatic event as a burglary, and then re-live it almost a year later when some of her personal items were returned.  Isn’t it better to have never gone through such an ordeal? Don’t make the same mistake.  Hire a professional to advise you on your security related issues.

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