May 102010

Our next installment in Church Security Training involves basic security awareness.  The challenge placed on Church Security Ministry Teams is complex but can be summarized in four easy items:

• Be Balanced
• Be Knowledgeable
• Be Realistic
• Be Willing and Able

These challenges can be accomplished by training your Church Security Ministry Team members to be observant, assess each situation as no two are ever alike, and then act in response to the situation based on prior training and skill set.  Church Security Ministry Teams need to remember we are still representatives of our churches, and ultimately of God. We must act accordingly.  Let’s be perfectly clear.  We are not militarizing churches; simply put we are observing and assessing people and situations in hopes to be mindful, not fearful.

Having this preparation and training already established puts us in the driver’s seat should any emergency arise.  Church Security Ministry Teams will know how to react appropriately and mitigate those emergencies we have talked about in this prior blog.  Church Security Ministry Teams must always strive and never lose sight of serving with a purpose.  In simple terms; Church Security Ministry Teams must fend off the wolf if he comes to prey on the innocent, just like the sheepdog does with the flock its set to watch over.

Let’s go over a quick lesson in observation-
• Observe with a purpose
• Check and scan hands, waist, and then eyes
• Make eye contact
• Don’t forget to smile and greet fellow church members
• Use reasonable judgment
• There is not one profile that represents a threat, past church violence showed no discrimination
• Observe unusual behavior, clothing, and emotions
• Look for environmental safety or security hazards in the church buildings

Here is a food for thought scenario.

While in the lobby you see a man who attends your church walk angrily up to a car driven by his wife and begins to yell at her. He kicks at the door and picks up a rock and breaks the window.

What would you do?

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